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Mage Origin Meta Bits, Part 1

Alim’s diary entry is coming when I actually finish the origin, but there’s a tonne of codex entries and important lore in this section so let’s review everything we learn between waking up and leaving Duncan in his quarters. (The previous part is here.)

1. Envy demons are a subtype of Sloth demon (here) (ETA: Therinfal meta here), and the concept definitely wasn’t created by the writers solely for Therinfal Redoubt. Which leads me to wonder - is that what the duplicate party you fight during the Temple of Sacred Ashes is? They’re definitely some form of spirit, the Temple being what it is, and this would seem to fit better than any other explanation we have.

2. From the same codex entry:

‘A community afflicted by a demon of sloth could soon become a
dilapidated pit where injustices are allowed to pass without comment,
and none of the residents could be aware that such a change has even
taken place.‘

So that explains Thedas, then. *rimshot*

3. The Fade codex entry is now hopelessly outdated, of course, but one line jumps out at me as suddenly very interesting:

The Tevinter Imperium once spent vast fortunes of gold, lyrium, and human slaves in an effort to map the terrain of the Fade, an ultimately futile endeavor.

Human slaves. Human. I don’t think that’s just an emphasis thing - we know that most slaves in Tevinter are elves, and we also now know that elven blood is somehow tied to the Fade. So why use humans? Maybe there’s something about their blood that makes it more suited to the task - maybe, since humans are less tied to the Fade and more tied to the material world than elves, human blood stabilises the Fade in a way that elven blood can’t?

4. We need to put Owain and Solas in a room together, stat.

Warden*: And now you are no longer a person.

Owain: My body is similar in form to yours, possessing an equal number of limbs, appendages, and internal organs. I perform the same physical functions. My mind is capable of higher thought processes. Am I to be denied personhood because I do not feel as you do?

Warden: A person is more than just physical parts.

Owain: I have thoughts and memories. I remember my past, my childhood in the tower, and my apprenticeship. These experiences defined me. My lack of emotion simply adds to what is already there.

Warden: My statement was rude. I apologise.

Owain: I do not have the capacity to be offended. Still, I believe I am a person.

*I would just like to take this opportunity to apologise profusely to my Surana, for whom this comment was horrifically OOC. The sacrifices I ask him to make in the name of meta, honestly.

4.5 The Tranquil parallel is so obvious, and it’s so clear that the writers are Going Somewhere with the Tranquil cure now, that I wonder if we can use it to predict how the Veil coming down will affect the (especially non-mage) population of modern Thedas? Granted, it would help if we knew how Solas thinks people should be experiencing their lives, but I imagine we can make some vague predictions about people’s emotions becoming uncontrollable. Or their dreams? Magic? Ability to attract demons?

5. Trespasser’s First Grand Enchanter and DAO’s History of the Circle codex entries don’t match up; the former attributes the founding of the Circle to Kordillus I, the latter to Kordillus II. Pick whichever you like better for fic purposes, I guess.

6. Duncan says that “We can’t seem to eradicate [the darkspawn]
completely. No matter how hard we try, they always come back,” which
could be nothing more than a comment on their sheer numbers but could
also be an indication that they’re coming from somewhere.

7. Blood magic can be used to duplicate the powers of a somniari:

Although lyrium will allow a mage to send his conscious mind into the Fade, blood would allow him to find the sleeping minds of others, view their dreams, and even influence or dominate their thoughts.

It’s also been ‘all but stamped out’. Ha. Ha. Hahahahhahahahaaaaaaaaaaa. Okay, Chantry propaganda. Okay. If you say so.