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3599 / 28000 words. 13% done!

Wordcount: About 1k behind
Bechdel test: Passed. Twice
Restarts: One, today, from the top
Overthinking: So much so that I've gone meta and am now overthinking my overthinking problem
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Editing: I finished Chapter 3 but haven't typed it up or line edited it yet. Haven't looked at Ch4 yet. I need the file open in front of me to do that one, so I can't do it on the train. And yesterday I was playing the Sims.

Well, I say 'playing'... more like 'rebuilding a lot from scratch because the original EAxian version is unplayably buggy'. It took me a few hours, but it was totally worth it. I only need to finish the pirate keep and I'll be ready to st-

-oh, right, ROW80. Sorry.

I started writing Regan and Meredith on the train. I'm probably closing on 250 words, though I won't know until I type up.

I love these guys. After seven years, they do half my work for me: once dialogue begins, doubly so. Counting down to Meredithian explosive sarcasm in 3, 2, 1...
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My goals.

So, I'm behind on my editing as usual. I'm now on the very last scene of Chapter Three, which (a) is six pages long and (b) has spawned itself a couple of new sections, most notably that thing I spent all writing phase trying to avoid where one character telepathically observes another character having PTSD symptoms and it's like, WHAT, THERE IS NO VOCABULARY FOR THIS IN ANY HUMAN LANGUAGE, FUCK OFF.

I loathe Chapter Three.

Fortunately, I'm still on schedule, because I got all eager and did half of Week 3's task (plotting Regan and Meredith) during Week 1. I have a decent outline for the first two books and a vague one for the second two, and more importantly, I have a mostly-complete list of the characters I need to introduce in Book 1. The only problem now is arguments over tech level (Regan wants computers, Meredith wants swords; I'll leave them to duke it out) and laying out the world, which I can to some extent do as I go along.

I kinda-sorta have a series title now: Wild Angels, though I'm not too happy with it. It's a bit... romantic? In the Byronic sense, I mean.

For some reason, my brain has recently decided to start flipping out over the idea of a book being 'only' 80-100,000 words long. Taking the upper limit because it's fantasy: 400,000 words is more than enough to write this story in, but nooo, 100,000/~5000 is ONLY TWENTY CHAPTERS A BOOK and that's clearly the end of the world.

Oddest starting line jitters I've ever had.

ETA: Ding, dong, Chapter Three is dead! It needs (grr) editing, since it's been almost completely written, but heeeyyy. Just one more chapter to go and then I can post this!
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Round beginning January 3, 2011

Weeks 1 and 2: Finish editing First Steps, I mean it this time, good grief. (I'm at Chapter 3, which is the one I wrote with crippling writer's block. It shows, and wading through it is slowing me down quite a lot. Get through that and Ch4 will be plain sailing.)

Weeks 3 through 12: Plot (week 3) and write (weeks 4-12) the first half(ish) of Regan and Meredith's Book 1 at a minimum rate of 3,500 words per week. This works out to 500 words/day, but I write a lot better when I'm working in larger chunks. So.

At minimum, this should get me to 28k. If I write 500 words/day on the train and a larger chunk at weekends, I might be able to double that. But we'll see how it goes, especially during the five weeks that I'm doing the TV set design course.

Oh, yes, and I'm doing a TV set design course XD
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I signed up for A Round of Words in 80 Days at the end of NaNo. The intention then was to turn Miasma from a very extended, very bad outline into an actual novel, but as it gets closer, I'm having doubts. And it's not as if I don't have other choices...

LOTS of other choices. )

Most of these are back-burner projects that get occasional poking. Regan & Meredith and Chester Snitterfield are the two closest to being ready; Regan & Meredith are the ones that I want to write right now, and it really is about time that I got any of these onto paper. But, argh. Should be doing Miasma.

What to write, what to write...


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