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Okay, so Screnzy is a bust. Or at least, this year it is... I can't seem to silence my inner editor enough while simultaneously trying to visualise a television show for the first time ever. I'll poke the script over the next year or so, and then maybe next year...

I am, however, determined not to waste the month, so it's back to NaNo and at least 1,000 words/day (spliced scenes from Draft 1 count towards this total). Draft 2's master file is up to 13,488 words, and an awful lot neater than Draft 1.

So, I'm still doing Screnzy in spirit, if not in practice, I suppose.

Icon is of course in reference to my absolute determination to finish this sodding book at any cost, not to my abject failure to do the same for Screnzy. I do hope that at some point I'll be able to start feeling the love for Exodus again; it's got a lot of my favourite characters in it.
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7 pages, and I think I may be developing a plot by pure accident.

Which is good.

As long as it wraps itself up.

Oh hell.

Having never written anyhing but prose before, this is... somewhat weird. I'm absolutely certain that visually, this screenplay would suck even if Steven Spielberg were to direct it, but since that's pretty much inevitable in a first draft of a first script, I'm pretending that it's all fine...

Weirder, though, is how easily I've slipped into imagining it like a TV show. I'm clearly overexposed to the genre...
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With an hour and a half to go, Dora and Charles elbowed the Doctor out of the way and demanded TV. So I obliged them... hey, their backstory thing is better fleshed out. And kind of cool.

4 pages. The mountain rises ahead of me once more...

I have no idea how I'm going to handle the exposition for this one. My two MCs already know what's going on, but my audience sure as hell won't...

...and I'm not entirely sure that I do, either.

Just the beginning of another story, then. Ho-hum.
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Yesterday, I signed up for Script Frenzy.

S'right. I have 17,000 words of essays to do over Easter, and now 100 pages of radio script to write, too.

That's radio, because the idea that popped into my head and induced this silliness was very clearly a Big Finish Doctor Who script. So that's what I'm doing.

Look out for the meter to start running and me to become woefully behind... I predict that this will occur very very quickly. Because Essays Come First. And I, of course, have no plot.



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