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The closer we get to Easter, the more Doctor Who withdrawal kicks in (curiously, it wasn't a problem at all during 2009). So it's just as well that I've got so much of it hanging around.

Also, The Adamantine Palace by Stephen Deas and Alice.

SPOILERS for The Adamantine Palace.

People riding dragons. Must be fantasy. )

In which I learn to love to hate Elizabeth Klein. )

Curiouser and curiouser... )

Lastly, look who gained a sister!

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As promised, posted to a blog with working line breaks. I look forward to hearing Malakree's screech of rage.

Rogues, scoundrels and villains! And a celibate monk! )

Interpreting the numbers is ongoing, so I'll edit that in as I work things out.

Yiviaka and Jibaki are sand goblins (adopted, obviously). Pat and Tranan are lookalike twins (not identical, since they're different genders). They're in descending age order from right to left and top to bottom.
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For [personal profile] aleas_iacta, as a welcome-to-Dreamwidth gift.

Take them if you like, although I can't imagine what non-members of my RP group would want with some of these.

All bases are by Sibelle.

Possibly more to come, 'cause I'm bored.

ETA: How is it that I don't have a Tranan icon yet. This is a travesty.
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Rocks fall, and usually everyone dies. Unfortunately, with Team Stealth Rockery, it's more likely that the DM just provided us with ammo. Or, as of last night, an angelus ex machina.

The irony of having to use an Unam avatar to report on Aura's awesomeness has not escaped me :p

"Rocks fall..."
"All right, who was that?"

"Rocks fall..."
"Yes! Ammo!"

"Rocks fall..."
"Well, duh."

"Rocks fall..."
"We know, we did it."

"Rocks fall..."
"The enemy dies!"

"Rocks fall..."
"They're on fire."

"Rocks fall..."
"No, they don't."

"Rocks fall..."
"Did Garfu trip?"


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