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Hm. Wikipedia tells me that the episodes in this boxset are out of transmission order. That rather nullifies the analysis of It's Supposed to be Thicker Than Water that I was about to write, complaining that Jeff's telling Marty to piss off is completely out of the blue and makes no sense. I'll have to switch to transmission order and start again.

Things are definitely warming up now, no doubt because I'm secretly in S02 or 3. Both the writers and the actors are more into it; there are still (gaping) plotholes, but it's reached the point where the show makes up for it with good characterisation and an actual relationship between the two main characters.

There's something to be said about the different ways in which the two series treat occultism and calling the ghost, but that's a long essay... I think I'd like to watch a bit more of the 1969 series before I try to get it onto paper. Maybe even in order!

Seriously, who messes about with transmission order in boxsets? Seriously.
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I've just finished watching the first season episode You Can Always Find A Fall Guy, in which a dodgy nun frames Jeff because, I dunno, 'Randall and Hopkirk' is the first agency listed in the criminal phonebook of gullible idiots? That would explain the Mafia last episode as well.

Anyway. A pacing comparison:

Either Doctor Who has awesome pacing for the time or Randall and Hopkirk sucks at it. )

But, hey! Marty's backseat driving has shown up. Whoever had the idea to make the ghost a backseat driver is a genius, I tell you, an absolute genius. Also, Jean did something and there was an evil nun. I can live with bad pacing for evil nuns.
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I finally bit the bullet and ordered the boxset of the original 1969 Randall and Hopkirk (deceased). I've seen bits of it repeated on ITV4, but you know how it is with repeats - I've seen two episodes lots of times and the rest none at all. Conversely, the 2000/01 series was my first venture into the world of geeky cult TV: it came out when I was 13 and has had its claws firmly into my subconscious ever since. I couldn't possibly watch one without comparing it to t'other.

Spoilers, by the way, for both episodes. And not just of the 'Marty DIES!' variety.

Afore the sun shall rise anew, each ghost unto his grave must goo. )
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28 Randall and Hopkirk (deceased) icons, all from the first half of S01E01 Drop Dead. Just the one gratuitous David Tennant shot*, though I've got the screenshots to make more if people want.

Take them, use them as bases, eat them, whatever. Credit's nice but not necessary.

Read more... )

*I was angling for Bob Mortimer's face, but Tennant and his gorilla jacket got in the way. Diva.
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"She's my inspiration! My, my soul music, my all, my A-one, my, my habit, my main line! She's my - she's more than a - is that a painting? [...] It's not very good. She's changed! She's, she's, she's shifted shape, she's become distant! She has these violent episodes..." – (YouTube)

I am supposed to be watching: Gordon Stylus (played by David Tennant) complaining about his wife.

I am actually watching: the Tenth Doctor (inexplicably dressed in Six's ugliest shirt and Two's fur coat) telling Randall and Hopkirk that Rose has been bitten by a werewolf or other assorted zooanthrope/xenoanthrope.

The Scottish accent usually helps, but not so much when I'm going at icon-capping speed. And now I kind of want to write that fic, as an AU version of Drop Dead where Marty dies of aliens rather than a car crash. It raises some interesting questions about Wyvern's* true identity, though...

*Played by Tom Baker.
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I finally got fed up of strewing a trail of paper everywhere I go, and got myself a Boogie Board.

OMG THIS THING IS SO LIGHT. Not only is it lighter than my netbook (not hard, my netbook's ancient), it's also probably lighter than the little notebook I cart around for jotting ideas in. It writes really fluidly, too, which gives me hope for a tablet PC with good handwriting recognition at some point in the future. And the stylus telescopes! How cool is that?

The only thing it needs is some way to selectively erase it, rather than having to wipe the whole board. I never selectively erase my endless mounds of paper either, though, so I can't really comment.


Had an odd moment of life affirmation at work when I copypasta'd a headline reading 'YOU ARE IN CONTROL' into the CMS. Thank you, Copywriter Guy.


After about six years (!), I think I've finally cracked the knotty problem of plotting Regan and Meredith's story!

I'd suspected for a while that Book 1 needed to be split into two, but never been able to see a way to make it work. Turns out this was because of one of my most common bugbears - wrong POV. That book's not Regan's story, or Meredith's, or even Ania's. It belongs to Beatrice.

Or... whatever her name ends up being. I'm not too keen on this naming scheme, except where the main characters are concerned. But that's a worry for another time and, if it comes to it, Find and Replace at the end.


Bah. The form for [community profile] sherlockbbc's friending meme is just too long to fill out.


I have a weird urge to try my hand at Randall and Hopkirk fic again. But, as usual, there are no conveniently unattached psychopaths running around in my head, and the attached ones are just not suited to the show. What I wouldn't give for a good overdramatic, buttfuck-crazy guy/gal to stroll into my head with flamethrower right now...

...AHA. See, reverse psychology does work on the subconscious.


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