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I'm determined to get into the habit of blogging semi-regularly, so here we are: an update. Only after four months. That's got to be a record of sorts.

Dennis the Menace, CBBC, 3:30 pm.

Dennis is trapped in his bedroom by the Colonel, who's babysitting, and has summoned Curly and Pie-Face to help him escape. Just as he manages to send the Colonel to sleep, a trap-door in his bedroom floor opens and Curly and Pie-Face appear, clad in mining helmets.

If you're wondering, 'But isn't Dennis's bedroom upstairs?', then congratulations: so was I.

Dennis: What took you so long?
Curly: Cut us some slack, Dennis! It wasn't easy digging this tunnel!
Pie-Face: Yeah, especially since your bedroom's on the first floor!

Why do we bother importing American children's TV when ours is so much better?

On that note, I was suitably impressed with the end of The Sarah Jane Adventures. The whole series was fantastic, a fact surely blogged about by those who are actually involved in Who fandom, and though I dislike the Slitheen, I was very much impressed that they turned out not to be the villains after all... and stopped farting.

The arrival of K-9 was a bit too much of a deus ex machina (canis ex machina?) for my liking, but as far as I remember it was the only such moment in the whole series, so I'll let it pass: if only for the twists and overall intelligent tone of the series. If Torchwood had had this level of mature, intelligent plotting rather than a group of bisexual incompetents, it would have been wonderful. If New Who would do the same, it'd be shinier than it already is.

And to round off an altogether good week as far as I'm concerned, I found The Snorks on YouTube, here! What more could a geek possibly want? :D


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