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An introduction to the British transport system, overheard on the train. This gentleman was talking to somebody on his phone; said somebody has evidently never done the London commute. He had everybody around him in fits by the time he hung up.

"I'll probably be about an hour. We're playing sardines on the train."


"What, sardines? It's a game. You take a train, remove three of its carriages and then try to cram triple the number of people onto it."


"I wish I were joking."


"Yes... but at least if we crash we'll be perfectly safe. Nobody can move, so we'll all just stay-"


"We've got about thirty square centimetres each; we're fine."


"Probably about an hour. If I'm still breathing, I'll call you."


"Yeah, it's a great game..."

Even the driver got in on it, though inadvertently: "I apologise for the late running of this service. I apologise for the fact that the train is only eight coaches long and for the overcrowding that you will suffer as a result. I apologise that the heating isn't working in coach two..."
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I live in the South-East and commute into London to work. This means that my trains are fucked - so fucked, in fact, that mine lost power on its way home tonight.

The driver's solution?

Yes. "As you can probably see, ladies and gentlemen, I've lost power to the train, so I'm going to try rebooting it."

I'm still giggling.
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It's World AIDS Day, folks. Go and make your awareness pledge (it's not about money).

I don't recommend taking the quiz, though. That thing tried to tell me that I might have HIV. Er, yeah, sure, in an alternate universe where I'm not an asexual virgin who's never had a blood transfusion or done any substance stronger than sucrose. If it says I've got HIV, it'll say everyone does.

(Inappropriate icon is inappropriate. But I don't have a better one, so.)


I made it into work, though. Fell over on the way, since there's not been any snow in London and my snow boots are horrible to walk in unless there's actually snow on the ground. I banged my hip and knee, but I think I walked the bruises off on my way into the office.


This is the most snow I've seen in my life, discounting that snowstorm I was born in. Wheeeeeeee...
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It's snowing! It's snowing and I don't have to worry about getting into work until tomorrow and the flakes are really big and it's only three inches but that's an inch more than it was when I got up thirty minutes ago it's SNOWING, WINTER IS HERE, IT'S OFFICIAL - oh, wait. Sorry, Mr Scalzi, I'll stop upsetting November now.

No more am I confined by endless NaNo research to reading historical textbooks! I can get back to reading fiction, which is good, because I miss it.

Doctor Who: Wetworld (Tenth Doctor Adventures, Mark Michalowski)

I have a confession to make. I'm lazy and should have reviewed this four months ago, and as a result, I don't remember it too well now.

But I do recall that it's one of the good ones. )

I really shouldn't wait four months to review things.

Fortunately, I read The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms last night! So I'm not a completely hopeless case.

The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms: N. K. Jemisin

Read more... )

OMG BLIZZARD THE SNOW IS GOING ALMOST HORIZONTAL I'm going to have so much trouble getting into work tomorrow but SNOW.
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Today has been the quintessential d-day: dark, dreary, depressing, driving rain. And compared to yesterday, which was sunny and vaguely warmish, it's really not been much to shout about.

But there's something in the air besides the magic flying water. I don't know if it's a smell, a sound, a feeling or even just the fact that it's pissing it down, but... it feels like spring at last.


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