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Being Human S03E08:

Of all the things to fixate on (OH NINA NO / GEORGE STOP BEING AN ARSE TO YOUR PREGNANT GIRLFRIEND / YAY ANNIE FINALLY), the one I'm stuck on is: where did Tom go?

Also, I am kind of hoping that the reason Mitchell's so worried about getting arrested in Wales is Torchwood. Which is rubbish, of course. They'll turn up, lose all relevant data, sleep with him, sleep with one another, and Jack will die. Possibly while having sex with Mitchell.

Nah, if we're crossing over with the Whoniverse, he should be worrying about Sherlock.


No, this disc has got the Life Pack on it too; it just installed the pigeon launcher.

Creatures 2 makes me say weird things.
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One unprofessional, ditzy woman in a public service job is comedy. Two within six episodes looks more like misogyny.

Ah, and Mitchell, having plummeted from 'boring' to 'vile' last week, seems to have finally found 'interesting'! Keep it up, sir!

George and Nina remain delightful, if a bit sidelined. And I totally called it on George's dad having faked his death.
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Remind me. Why am I supposed to like Mitchell, again? After this episode I'm not even sure if I pity him any more.

Also, Herrick's Magnificent Bastard status is now cemented, regardless of the state of his memory.
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Being Human is one of those shows that I find endlessly fascinating, rather than truly enjoyable. The writers have this knack of reaching up for something great, grazing past it, and crashing down into that special kind of mediocrity that you only get when you can see how amazing something could have been.

And, you know... that bugs me.

I think they're getting better: S01 was dire, and the only reason I watched past S01E01 at all was that I was a bored student and it was iPlayer or homework. But I struggle to think of an episode that hasn't had that grazed-past-greatness element to it, and some patterns are starting to emerge here.

Some spoilers for S03, up to E03. )
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A perfect example of Fridge Logic:

SPOILERS: Being Human S03 E03 'Type 4'. One BIG spoiler. )
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George and Nina: Funny, moving, worth watching

Everything else: boring boring boring

Oh, God, I'd hate to think S02's going to turn out to be the high point of this show. It was better than this, but not that good.
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I'm trying to remember what happened last series, and I'm stumped. Help?

Spoilers under here in case people are still worried about them. )
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Saw the new Doctor Who trailer on BBC One last night (well, half of it. The TV switched over and I had a panic getting it back to Channel 1). I am... still having trouble differentiating the Eleventh Doctor from the Tenth. I really hope Smith can make the part his own quickly in the first episode.

Also, FFS, BBC, we've known it was coming in Easter 2010 for two frigging years. This isn't news. Give us a proper date, kthxbai.

Also, Being Human! Series finale! Finally watched it! Not very impressed for the first time this series! Going to stop exclaiming now!

Well maybe just one more! Spoilers under the cut! )

I suppose in some ways it was a great finale, except that the episode continued for half an hour afterwards.

Other things! I'm currently struggling through The Sad Tale of the Brothers Grossbart, although I no longer know why - I got bored enough to turn to the end, and it doesn't get any better or worse as it goes on (in fact, the end looks like a terrific disappointment, but I'll save that judgement until I've read it properly at least). I suppose one of those is a blessing. Review up soonish, most likely. Then I plot to finish The Eyeless, which I've been halfway through reading forever, and then we'll see. Every time I look at my bookshelf, A Game of Thrones looks back, GRRM taunting me from between its multitudinous pages, but after getting bogged down in Perdido Street Station... ehhh.
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Thank GOD, nobody exploded, imploded, asploded or even fursploded.


Marvellous lack of plode aside, this episode was wonderful. I have never laughed so much at BH. Long may it continue.

I'm sure I've seen Sykes' actor somewhere before (actually, I spent half the episode convinced he was Matt Smith), but apparently not, to judge by his complete lack of existence on IMDb or the BBC's own website.

I do love the idea of Annie being saved by a Jack Harkness lookalike. Meanwhile, George is hilarious and Mitchell sucks, in all ways but the expected vampiric one.
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It's much, much easier to avoid cracking Randall and Hopkirk (deceased) jokes when the characters do it for you. Thanks, George.

Also, what's happened to everyone's morals this series? It's not so much a drift as a sudden absence.
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Seems that Being Human has decided what it's going to be at last: a supernatural soap, perhaps with occasional gore.

I like it. Here's hoping it can keep this new streak of genre-definition up.


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