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28 Randall and Hopkirk (deceased) icons, all from the first half of S01E01 Drop Dead. Just the one gratuitous David Tennant shot*, though I've got the screenshots to make more if people want.

Take them, use them as bases, eat them, whatever. Credit's nice but not necessary.

Read more... )

*I was angling for Bob Mortimer's face, but Tennant and his gorilla jacket got in the way. Diva.
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For [personal profile] aleas_iacta, as a welcome-to-Dreamwidth gift.

Take them if you like, although I can't imagine what non-members of my RP group would want with some of these.

All bases are by Sibelle.

Possibly more to come, 'cause I'm bored.

ETA: How is it that I don't have a Tranan icon yet. This is a travesty.
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I have a board!

...well, okay. I've had the board for a while. The new development is actually that I now have pens for my board.

That... may be a DnD joke in Latin on the bottom. *shifty eyes* On the other hand, the rest of it, in which I attempt to translate my characters' names into Linear B, isn't geeky at all, ohnosirree.

Hey, it was that or look for a job.

ETA: And for just that little bit of extra geek:

(The astute, or more likely the criminally academic, might notice that this in fact says 'NaNoWiMo'. Don't blame me, blame the Minoans.)

ETA2: Sigh.

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Today represented a breakthrough in Simming, in that I managed to successfully turn the skies of Gallifrey orange. On a per-lot basis, no less, so the Earth's can be as blue as ever!

Clearly, this meant a trip to the Looming House, where (due to clock resets) it's been almost a day since these guys were created. Which means... yep... potty and bed.

And the Master, against stiff competition, stole the show. )

Plus icons, of course.

And the usual icon batch. )
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I opened up the Looming House to take a photoshoot, and ended up playing a while afterwards (hey, these guys are cute). The photoshoot pictures, like the reason for all this, are top super-secret UNIT classified for now, but...

Young Doctor: "I feel a peculiar attraction to this blue cuboid... fascinating."
Young Braxiatel: "Have you got any of the green ones? I need more green ones."
Young Master: "And then that planet will explode... boom! Boom!"
Young Doctor: "What are you doing?"
Young Master: "Drawing the second Big Bang. It's gonna be bigger than the first one, you know. Boom! Boom! BOOM!"

Just the one icon, due to a sad lack of time to procrastinate with:
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For reasons which will one day become evident, but are currently top super-secret UNIT classified, I felt it necessary to spend most of yesterday building a Gallifreyan creche in The Sims 2.

Populating it was not necessary, but one thing led to another, and... well.

Of course, the real joy of doing this sort of thing in the Sims is turning free will on and watching them act entirely in character.

Ushas spent the whole of playtime in a quiet, awkward-to-photograph corner with the science toy. As for the others... )

And then, because it was procrastinate or work, I dun made icons.

Because some of these were just crying out to be captioned. )



May. 9th, 2009 08:08 pm
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Four Lab Rats icons.



Sep. 28th, 2008 07:40 pm
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Eight icons of The Pirate Planet. Four/Romana I, and ten seconds of film that varies from sweet to downright dirty.

Time Lords One of those days Nice To Be With You

And the rest are cunningly hidden under here. )


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