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The police contacted them about my card being compromised, so they've stopped it.

That's fine.

I found out that something was up when I tried to move money into my savings account, held with another bank, and NatWest declined the transfer. That's fine.

Of course, it's a bank holiday weekend, so my only recourse is the 24-hour helpline. That's fine.

First person: "Okay, you need to tell the operator that your savings account is with another bank, this is the wrong department." Dumps me back into the queue.

That's irritating, but OK.

Second person: "You can't make a transfer out of NatWest with any other website, ever."
Me: "Yes, I can."
Him: "No, you can't."
Me: "Yes, I can. I've done it dozens of times before and I can do it right now while you're listening to me."
Him: Okay, I'll pass you over to someone else.
New person: Okay, you still can't do that.
Me: Yes, I can, and I'd rather do it via [other bank] than NatWest because I hate your card-reader thingummywhatsit.
Her: *hangs up*
Me: *curses*

Third person, after going through thew queue AGAIN: "Okay, you're using the right card, you've got enough money in the account... oh, it's the fraud squad. I'll pass you over."
Me: Hallelujah.

I go downstairs, and what's on the doormat but a letter of apology from the bank for the débacle that ensued last time I tried to get them to do anything.

I mean. Hanging up on me. Customer service at its finest, y'all.

IN HAPPIER NEWS, I may have found a rather perfect house, if I can only scrape a slightly higher mortgage together.
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And then I promise not to comment on the rest of the series unless I actually like something, because I appreciate that my utter boredom with and distaste for Eleven does not make for compelling, entertaining or even non-whiny reading.

Cut for spoilers, capslock and rampant negativity. NO REALLY.  )

Gallifrey S04 starts soon and I only ever listened to S01, despite owning the boxset. I'm thinking I go back to that and completely ignore S06; I don't see an improvement in any of the aspects I disliked from S05, and now that I know they're coming I find them even more grating.

Wake me when Twelve comes around.
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Dear Persons on the Latest Things Page,

Including a spoiler in the text of your spoiler cut is Not On.

No love,

[personal profile] charamei
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So apparently, the FBI has never conceived of the concept of triangulating the point of origin of multiple connected attacks from their locations. In addition, this procedure - when finally brought to their attention - requires a long equation to be specially generated (because nobody's ever thought of doing it before) and is so out-there and unusual that the courts won't accept it as proof of, well, anything.


Numb3rs: failing at maths AND forensics!


Apr. 7th, 2010 06:31 pm
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Look, I like a spork of Twilight or Eragon as much as the next person, to say nothing of worse reads. But if you're going to spork bad writing, be it fanfic or professional, for God's sake proofread your MST. It's not hard and it makes you look a damn sight more credible when you start lambasting others for poor spelling and grammar.
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I keep trying to work out how to get this into a review of the 2009 Christmas trilogy without driving it off-course, and I can't; but I feel a need to document it somewhere, because it's important (to me, at least). Therefore, here, have one giant meta wank with a bit of TMI thrown in.

On why the Doctor's asexuality matters so much to me. )

Now hopefully I can write the damn review without getting my wank mixed up with a more objective discussion of the trilogy.

(In happier news, massive props to Big Finish for once again handling the same issue with tact and intelligence. The 'And you have a son... how did you manage that?' exchange in An Earthly Child made my day.)

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Well, with a connection speed of roughly 10kB/s when it's working at all and a chain of hardware and software fails as long as my arm it's taken roughly two weeks, but I have prevailed over lousy Internet connections (seriously, BT, fix our damn phone line already), impossible networking problems and crappy ancient monitors that no longer support basic functions such as displaying output from the graphics card, and I have rebuilt my poor laptop.

That's right, Canonical. Everything you screwed up, I have fixed. Eventually.

I feel obliged at this point to mention that this is the first time I have ever had a problem upgrading an Ubuntu distro in five years of use, but really, it does prove how closely Ubuntu - and presumably other open-source OSs - resembles the little girl in the rhyme. When it's good, it's very good. When it's bad, it's five hours of tearing your hair out and screaming things like, "Yeah, and you know why it's called bash? Because THAT'S WHAT I'M GOING TO ****ING DO TO IT!" before finding out that the problem existed between the keyboard and chair and basically amounted to you consistently mis-spelling 'sudo'.

I exaggerate, but not as much as I'd like.

Windows has encountered a teal deer and needs to close. )

In happier open-source news, today I also discovered Mozilla Songbird. I've been looking for a replacement for iTunes for ages, preferably something that I could use on both Windoze and Linux, with little success until today.

Songbird uses the same basic back-end as other Mozilla products, in that it saves a nice profile that I can copy from one hard drive to another and thus preserve my playlists. It imported from iTunes without the slightest fuss, loads about five times faster, has a really, really nice layout for the library with a search bar and a quick, simple way to change your sort criteria... and a built-in browser. No, I don't fully understand that last part either, though I assume it's to do with downloading music, but it made finding extensions much easier. The default theme is a little plain, but since it's open-source, that's easy enough to change - there's even a skin feather available that changes it to match your default theme.

By comparison with Banshee, which is what I was using on Linux, Songbird does less spectacularly than against iTunes - but mainly because iTunes has become so terrible of late. Mostly it's in a better state of development; Banshee had a couple of really irritating bugs, including one that caused it once to drop all metadata from all tracks. Given that Banshee's library was unmanageable without that metadata and I'd already risked RSI setting it up once, I wasn't happy.

As a final insult, when I uninstalled iTunes it did not clean up properly - left all of its shortcuts behind, and goodness only knows what else. Since I'm going to have to reinstall it to strip the DRM off my purchased files, though, doing its housekeeping for it is a problem for another time. Say next week...
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Okay, Nice Lady In W H Smith's.

I understand that by not using make-up or wearing clothes designed to show off my assets, in conjunction with having clear skin and fairly wide eyes, I open the door to occasionally being taken for a teenager despite being in my early twenties. I do not, therefore, complain too much when I get kicked out of pubs (even though I don't drink) or carded for buying DVDs rated 18 - and even, sometimes, 15. I understand that you have a job to do, that I do not look my age, and that if I was the age I looked, some things would be inappropriate for me (at least, culturally speaking - but that's a whole other rant).

But look, Nice Lady, carding somebody for buying Private Eye is beyond the pale.

It is not a porno mag. It is not glorifying socially unacceptable behaviour (quite the opposite, in fact). The only bad language I have ever seen in it is the substitution of 'Carter-Ruck' for 'Carter-Fuck', which is in my opinion entirely justified. The only thing a teenager is likely to get out of reading it is increased awareness of things that really matter in the world. Increasing social and political awareness is almost the definition of achieving adulthood, is it not?

...Well, it should be, anyway.

More ironic still, did you even look at what else I was buying? Series 1 of Blake's Seven - dystopian, morally ambiguous Blake's Seven - and Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters, in which I assume at least one beloved Austen character will be gruesomely devoured by the aforementioned sea monsters. Either one of these would be a more appropriate reason to ask me for proof of age. Either one of them will contain, at the very least, murder.

And yet, you dropped both of those into the bag without fuss and then stopped and worried about the Eye. Good grief.

What is the world coming to when people are willing to let teenagers watch/read gory sex and violence, but not show political interest?

P.S. The look on your face when I pulled out my NUS and University cards was priceless. I'm guessing you were one of those people who thought I was under 15.

P.P.S. In an hour I'm going to watch The Sarah Jane Adventures, a children's show, and I'm willing to bet that that will have more gore, violence and terror than Private Eye. Although probably less swearing and definitely less bankers being dickwads with national funds.


A concerned, politically-minded twenty-two-year-old.
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"But not all of the Apocrypha are entirely without merit. In fact, one of them, Troilus and Cressida, is hardly crap at all." - The Reduced Shakespeare Company Radio Play

Ah, Reduced Shakespeare Company, why don't I listen to you more often?

Oh, yes - it's because the last time I listened to your summary of a Shakespeare play before going to see it, I spent the whole of Hamlet hearing your voices adding jokes to the ends of perfectly serious lines, which kind of ruined it for me. But still.

Anyway, [ profile] aleas_iacta and I went to see Troilus and Cressida at the Globe on Saturday. I am... confused.

Sing, bard, of the suck of Achilles... )

I'm going to have to get hold of The Myth Makers on audio. It's probable that running Troilus and Cressida through the Doctor Who filter - especially the Hartnell filter - made it into a genuinely enjoyable story at last.

(Also, I finished my dissertation. Go me!)
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It probably says something about Who fandom that our version of 'Yes, but what are your thoughts on yaoi?' is, 'Yes, but what are your thoughts on asexuality?', doesn't it?

It's been bugging me for quite a while; and since most of what I write involves either multiple Time Lords, or Gallifrey, or both, I've put a fair amount of thought into the Great Question of Whether Time Lords Do It.

My answer: No.

I can rant at length about my meta reasons for this stance (they range from my own asexuality to feminism to 'Why can't the goddamned aliens just act alien?'), but that's a rant for another time. Here's my in-universe reasoning.

A note on the vexed question of Canon: My stance on this is that anything featuring an Actual Actor is canon, including the Big Finish audios and spinoffs. Everything else is on a sliding scale of 'whether or not I like the idea'; and since I've read exactly three of the books, most of my information on their contents comes second-hand from the Wiki. One of those three books is Lungbarrow, though.

And a spoiler warning for the end of S04.

Look, ma! A teal deer! )


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