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"You were nervous your first day at school, and everything went fine!"
"There was an alien invasion, Mum."
"Yes, but nothing too bad -"
"They turned the sun off."

Oh, Luke. ♥

(The good show's back! Whoo!)
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As S03 winds down and Sarah-Jane tells me about the power of Friendship and humankind's ultimate destiny of a vast intergalactic empire based on Truth, Justice and Certainly Not Imperialism, it occurs to me that I have learned many invaluable lessons from The Sarah Jane Adventures. Here are a few:

  1. All aliens are bad.

  2. Except the ones that aren't (O HAI THAR DOKTOR!). But these are very rare and probably out to get you in a more subtle way.

  3. If it looks human then it might be okay, but people who look different to us are Always Chaotic Evil.

  4. Discriminating against an alien on the basis of skin colour is Bad, but it is perfectly acceptable to do so on the basis of species (see 1 and 3).

  5. Humankind will one day be at the head of a vast intergalactic empire subjugating millions of alien races, but that's Good, because Humans are Good and Things That Look Non-Human are Bad.

  6. Friendship is important.

  7. Except with aliens, because they're probably just trying to trick you into helping them take over the world.

  8. Beware of aliens bearing gifts, unless they are doing so off-screen in which case they are giving you a plot device that will likely save your life one day.

  9. Only one supercomputer per household.

  10. Never kill a Slitheen in an enclosed space.

  11. You pay, you display.

  12. Horoscopes don't work, except they sort of do, but not when Luke's around.

  13. The Mona Lisa came from Lancaster.

  14. Under no circumstances is it right to use a robot dog to cheat at your test, but you might want to take him to school with you anyway because he'll probably come in handy for saving the world.

  15. Sarah-Jane Smith is the only person on the planet capable of stopping alien attacks.

  16. 2059 is when it all kicks off, baby. (Okay, so Doctor Who has a part to play in this one as well.)

Can you tell that the constant comments of 'Well, maybe one day we'll meet a nice alien' have been getting on my nerves this series?

I still want to know why nobody thought to call in U.N.I.T., too.
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Spoilers for SJA: The Gift part 1 )

That is all.

Oh - except, Clyde's drive-by alien racism is hilarious.
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Okay, so I've finally managed to watch last week's Sarah Jane Adventures. And something kind of jumped at me about Darkening.

Spoilers for SJA: The Eternity Trap. )
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I'm determined to get into the habit of blogging semi-regularly, so here we are: an update. Only after four months. That's got to be a record of sorts.Follows comments on children's TV in the UK. namely, jokes on Dennis the Menace, comments on The Sarah Jane Adventures, and a blatant plug for The Snorks )


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