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I signed up for A Round of Words in 80 Days at the end of NaNo. The intention then was to turn Miasma from a very extended, very bad outline into an actual novel, but as it gets closer, I'm having doubts. And it's not as if I don't have other choices...

LOTS of other choices. )

Most of these are back-burner projects that get occasional poking. Regan & Meredith and Chester Snitterfield are the two closest to being ready; Regan & Meredith are the ones that I want to write right now, and it really is about time that I got any of these onto paper. But, argh. Should be doing Miasma.

What to write, what to write...


The Continuing Adventures of Bad History Writer )
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You know you're a geek when you start laughing at the opening gag of a Big Bang Theory episode before it occurs, because you recognise the object that's about to catalyse it.

Really nice use of it, though - especially giving it to the character with selective mutism.


And you've gotta love Sheldon's collector's logic. "Then I will have a unique, albeit confusing, artefact." <3

Still haven't watched the Being Human finale... and Glee is oddly addictive.

Meanwhile, Charles and Dora are actually developing backstory and sideplots OMG, and if Ellie would only tell me what it is that she's tying herself to railings over then that would be insanely helpful for worldbuilding. Ever since she was transplanted into a gender-equal world, my poor ex-suffragette has been a rebel without a cause.
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Dear Chester:

I know you're excited about all the wondrous things you've suddenly started noticing about your world, and you're eager to tell me all about them, not to mention the legal system, the government and that elusive religion. I think it's great that you're finally mature enough to be able to tell me whether your world uses steam or not, whether you have electricity or not, and where you live (although, seriously, the rent on that mousehole's a bit high, isn't it?). I'm even more pleased that you've got your opening scene all plotted out, and that you've even managed to slide a couple of Chekhov's Guns in there, nice and early.

But, Chester, when I sat down yesterday and said, "Right, worldbuilding time!" ...Sweetie, I wasn't talking to you. I was talking to the Fifth Doctor, and Nyssa, and Nerys and Police Guy and Dead Witness #2. This is because, Chester, the deadline for that contest is next Monday, and at this moment in time I need their worldbuild much, much more than I need yours. Hell, two of them don't even have names yet, the third is randomly Welsh, and most importantly, I can't refine their plot until I know how their planet works.

I will get back to you, I promise. I love your story and I love your world, even more so with all the new stuff you keep telling me about. But please, for the next few days, stop bugging me. Take a leaf out of Tranan's book: nobody's seen him since the competition started, not even Unam or Talla. Go and travel your world, see the sights, and bring me back photos, because I will be fascinated.

Just not right now.

Your friendly neighbourhood author.
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So apparently, the 830th most popular girl's name in the US in 1921 was Concepcion (page 39).

Oh, character naming days, you never cease to amuse me.

(This tag is incorrect. The novel's working title is now The Memories of Chester Snitterfield.)

ETA: And the 599th most common male name was Gaylord. Oh deary deary me...

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  • Characters A and B are male and gay, and red herrings*. I guess I could make them female and gay?

  • Character C is secretly manipulating everyone and must therefore be male, because if he were to become female that would be even more of a feminism fail than I'm already creating with this story.

  • Character D, the protagonist, is male and also fundamentally manipulative, with a tendency towards passive-aggression and running away from his problems. See comments on Character C.

  • Character E is female and evil.

  • Character F is female and has no personality or function except Protagonist Support. Frankly, I don't know where she came from and she'll probably be written out.

  • Character G was female, but had no function that could not be amalgamated into Character E and make a better story. To make matters worse, I'm considering having Character C stuff her into the fridge early on, to show how much he changes once he gets his old memories back.

Jesus Christ. I had so many female characters in Saril that I had to forcibly remind myself to make new ones male to even it out (OH HAI THAR ETHELBERT!), and this one looks set to go the other way entirely.

Looks like the gay guys may have to become lesbians. Because seriously, as much as writing it with them all male wouldn't bother me? I would not read this novel.

*I have an urge to make Juliusa a literal red herring now. Not sure what his her true form being a red herring says about his her personality, but the idea is kind of funny from a meta point of view.


How do I love Sheldon? Let me count the ways...

No, no, not that one.


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