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The bad news: Exodus features no central dilemma, and not one of its plot strands wraps up in a satisfactory manner at the end of the current plan: basically, at the end of this novel, everyone's fucked. Sure, I can kill off the fairies, but that doesn't actually solve anything; in fact it makes the end worse due to the Unfortunate Implications of that much power flying around...

The good news, sort of: While attacking the bad news with a sledgehammer and some mindmapping software, I realised that Exodus has a unified theme. It's even the one that the title references!

If it ever gets published finished through a basic plothole check unscathed, I'm totally going to pretend I did that on purpose.
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One of the joys of rewriting is to watch plot devices that sort of worked the first time around spring into logic.

Not saying this draft is perfect, but it's making more sense than Draft 1 did. So far, so good.
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Okay, so Screnzy is a bust. Or at least, this year it is... I can't seem to silence my inner editor enough while simultaneously trying to visualise a television show for the first time ever. I'll poke the script over the next year or so, and then maybe next year...

I am, however, determined not to waste the month, so it's back to NaNo and at least 1,000 words/day (spliced scenes from Draft 1 count towards this total). Draft 2's master file is up to 13,488 words, and an awful lot neater than Draft 1.

So, I'm still doing Screnzy in spirit, if not in practice, I suppose.

Icon is of course in reference to my absolute determination to finish this sodding book at any cost, not to my abject failure to do the same for Screnzy. I do hope that at some point I'll be able to start feeling the love for Exodus again; it's got a lot of my favourite characters in it.
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"There. All she had to do was to re-discover the lost art of magic, get good enough to break open the door, turn herself invisible and leave. Simple, really."

So, the beginning of Draft 2 has finally reached, and is in the process pf being spliced with, the beginning of Draft 1. Master file II is currently at 10362 words.

Good sign. Very good. Especially as Lysis has found her voice at last.

If only I could start doing 1667 words/day again, I might stand a chance of completing this before November 09, as planned. Certainly splicing helps.

Back to work. If I can successfully splice Ch4.II and 1.I, I should finish 4.II pretty soon, actually. Most of the rest of that scene's fine.

UPDATE: splicing complete. Master file II now at 11984 words, and I'm splicing a lot more in for the next few chapters, until Evessa shows up. Awesomesauce.
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Today, for the first time since about the fifteenth of November, I felt like I knew what the hell I was doing.

I wrote the Prologue. It feels right; unpolished, sure, and there's at least one glaring mistake in it, but it's the first scene I've written in a while that had the right atmosphere for the world, the right reactions, the right balance between description and action. It feels... programmatic, as though now I've got that down, I should be able to replicate it when I inevitably scrap 90% of the material in this draft and redo it.

It feels good. I had my first writing-based adrenaline rush in a good long while.

And I even got a title out of it. It's silly, really, because it's been staring me in the face for ages.

My working title is no longer 'NaNoWriMo08', thank goodness. It's Exodus.


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