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The bad news: Exodus features no central dilemma, and not one of its plot strands wraps up in a satisfactory manner at the end of the current plan: basically, at the end of this novel, everyone's fucked. Sure, I can kill off the fairies, but that doesn't actually solve anything; in fact it makes the end worse due to the Unfortunate Implications of that much power flying around...

The good news, sort of: While attacking the bad news with a sledgehammer and some mindmapping software, I realised that Exodus has a unified theme. It's even the one that the title references!

If it ever gets published finished through a basic plothole check unscathed, I'm totally going to pretend I did that on purpose.
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One of the joys of rewriting is to watch plot devices that sort of worked the first time around spring into logic.

Not saying this draft is perfect, but it's making more sense than Draft 1 did. So far, so good.
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Okay, so Screnzy is a bust. Or at least, this year it is... I can't seem to silence my inner editor enough while simultaneously trying to visualise a television show for the first time ever. I'll poke the script over the next year or so, and then maybe next year...

I am, however, determined not to waste the month, so it's back to NaNo and at least 1,000 words/day (spliced scenes from Draft 1 count towards this total). Draft 2's master file is up to 13,488 words, and an awful lot neater than Draft 1.

So, I'm still doing Screnzy in spirit, if not in practice, I suppose.

Icon is of course in reference to my absolute determination to finish this sodding book at any cost, not to my abject failure to do the same for Screnzy. I do hope that at some point I'll be able to start feeling the love for Exodus again; it's got a lot of my favourite characters in it.
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"There. All she had to do was to re-discover the lost art of magic, get good enough to break open the door, turn herself invisible and leave. Simple, really."

So, the beginning of Draft 2 has finally reached, and is in the process pf being spliced with, the beginning of Draft 1. Master file II is currently at 10362 words.

Good sign. Very good. Especially as Lysis has found her voice at last.

If only I could start doing 1667 words/day again, I might stand a chance of completing this before November 09, as planned. Certainly splicing helps.

Back to work. If I can successfully splice Ch4.II and 1.I, I should finish 4.II pretty soon, actually. Most of the rest of that scene's fine.

UPDATE: splicing complete. Master file II now at 11984 words, and I'm splicing a lot more in for the next few chapters, until Evessa shows up. Awesomesauce.
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Today, for the first time since about the fifteenth of November, I felt like I knew what the hell I was doing.

I wrote the Prologue. It feels right; unpolished, sure, and there's at least one glaring mistake in it, but it's the first scene I've written in a while that had the right atmosphere for the world, the right reactions, the right balance between description and action. It feels... programmatic, as though now I've got that down, I should be able to replicate it when I inevitably scrap 90% of the material in this draft and redo it.

It feels good. I had my first writing-based adrenaline rush in a good long while.

And I even got a title out of it. It's silly, really, because it's been staring me in the face for ages.

My working title is no longer 'NaNoWriMo08', thank goodness. It's Exodus.
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con⋅com⋅i⋅tance[kon-kom-i-tuhns, kuhn-]
1. When Unam says, 'Ugh.' onto paper at the same moment as Dr Horrible says, 'Balls.'


Nov. 29th, 2008 10:31 pm
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Photobucket50,000 words. Plot just beginning. Characters internally consistent; plan of action established; two sides of plot at last tying up in logical fashion. Finally got my drive back at around 49,380, and dashed the rest off. With luck, I can keep up this streak even through the long hours of essay catch-up that lie ahead...

So very, very high right now.
Line of the day, from my NaNo this time: 'Winnefred glanced over at him. "Aren't you the young man who arrested me in Manaby?"'

I know, I know. But it's hilarious in context.

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Hooray! I've reached the beginning of the plot at last, and discovered that all seven of my MCs have the proactivity gene. Was beginning to worry about that.

Now, I just have to finish... both NaNo, and the novel in its more general sense.

Line of the day: 'I am Warlord Hagoth, or as you know me, Trevor!"

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You hear that? That's the sweet, sweet sound of the halfquarterway mark whistling by.

Meredith hopefully about to develop personality. Magical jargon now approaching a logical state of being. Trevor more awesome by the second. Anya disinclined to show up, darn her. Rewrite of beginning sorted, more or less, and will be done in December. Second half three-quarters of plot looms already. Not good; needs planning.

Empress has decided she would not object to marrying Unam. HELP REQUIRED URGENTLY.
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Now have three subplots, at least two of which are related. Minor characters eating brain. Hobbits still walking. Trevor in two places at once. Tournament bizarrely harder to write than random exposition on the countries the hobbits are walking through, even though I know roughly what's got to happen at the tournament and the countries are being made up more or less as I go along. Meredith in dire need of personality. Regan in dire need of introspective scene again in the near future.

Unam wants to marry the Empress. SEND HELP.

Loving every minute of it.


13889, baby

Nov. 6th, 2008 06:29 pm
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Today, my beloved memory stick died. Boy, I'm glad I backed up... and had my files open at the time. All the same, I'm cross. I liked that stick a lot, and I suspect I might have to buy a new SwissMemory rather than just a replacement stick, if I want to keep the same arrangement (alternatively, of course, I could refuse to buy into that capitalism shtick and get a cheap stick... which is most likely what I'll do. I'm not falling for that one.).

2426 more words to go, according to Chaotic Shiny's NaNoWriMo Motivator. I'm game.

UPDATE: 14605. Very minor character has just spawned own subplot. And here I was worrying about keeping up the pace until I had a decent-length novel (that is, at least 100k).

The Continuing Misadventures of Ethelbert Thomley will be the most awesome subplot EVAR.
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Regan/Meredith subplot continues to be more entertaining. Lysis will be forced back into prime position once I work out what the heck is going on. Trying to work out how two wars can JUST WORKED OUT HOW TWO WARS JOIN UP.

Obama won. God Bless America.
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Still two days ahead.

Chapter Three started. Minor character has just become primary comic relief. Regan about to start a war. Empress Winnefred has mysteriously entered plot. Lysis quite dull, but thankfully not required for a while. Anya a heck of a lot creepier than I intended. Loving every minute, even those spent staring at a blank screen.
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Today spawned two, maybe three subplots and a minor character. That's good: I can kill the minor character to maybe spur Lysis into some form of action. Or maybe I don't have to... hm.

If I put my back into it, I may have 8333 before bedtime... being two days ahead would be nice.

EDIT: Done it. Go me.

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Meredith makes life so much easier, he really does. The writing is so much smoother with him in the scene. That probably means that I know him too well...

I'm pretty far into chapter two, and about to do the massive info-dump that is ubiquitous in fantasy. A free 1,500-2,000 words just for choosing a specific genre is pretty neat.

Today I learned, while doing a very quick dictionary check, that a 'scow' is a wide-beamed sailing dinghy. And here I always thought it was an insult. Well, I suppose not many people would appreciate being called a wide-beamed sailing dinghy...

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It's not high literature, but man, it feels good. It can become high literature when December rolls around.
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It is T -9 hours. The Doctor Who fic of d00m that I've been slogging away at has been put on the back burner, and just when I worked out what was going on, too. My RP group are getting a bunch of loosely connected random encounters in a labyrinth for tonight's episode. Unam has been sent to his starting position, and is protesting loudly. I have forgotten Lysis' relevant backstory, again. Arnold has buggered off in a huff; Anya has been removed for the time being; Regan is in her office; Meredith is on standby. My Inner Editor has been mobbed by out-of-work Who characters and tied up in a cupboard with a sock in her mouth. I have bookmarked the Plot Twist Generator. The pantheon still doesn't make sense. I have a map, but I don't have a plan...

It must be NaNo. And this must be turning into a NaNo blog, in case anyone's remotely interested.


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