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I think we need to talk about the Dalish and ice cream? And hence, Orlais and ice cream.

Because, look. The Dalish liquid staple is almost certainly halla milk. It’s readily available, it’s less bacteria-infested than water, it’s easier to make than alcohol, and tea/coffee wouldn’t grow in southern Thedas’s climate, so those are out as well. My bet is that, except for fruit wines on special occasions, the Dalish drink mostly halla milk and herbal tea.

Which means they have cream! And they have magic (and enchantment, even), which means they are perfectly capable of freezing said cream in the middle of summer. And they have fruit, too.

I’d be willing to bet that the Dalish can whip up a batch of unflavoured ice cream in the middle of summer with so little effort that they barely think anything of it, and that flavouring it with fruit (or herbs - goodness knows what basil ice cream tastes like, but I bet the Dalish know) is almost as common.

And then there’s Orlais. Orlais, where magic is all but illegal and only the wealthy can afford ice-houses or enchanted freezers. Orlais, where getting cream into contact with cold in the middle of summer is a Herculean effort requiring probably more than a dozen people and a production chain that stretches halfway across the country. Orlais, where ice cream is the same rare delicacy it was in the real world until about the 1850s.

Imagine your Lavellans and Mahariels being ushered into the Imperial Court and given a bowl of this incredibly rare, incredibly expensive delicacy... and going, “It’s just ice cream. We have that, too.”


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