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Some random meta notes from this section:

1. The Sloth demon says that Mouse ‘let go of the human form years ago’, which sort of makes me wonder if Mouse is lying less than we think. I can’t think what incentive Sloth would have to lie? Unless it thinks that Mouse will kill it, perhaps, but I’m not sure it would care.

2. The wonky Dalish tent is actually kind of interesting, in that it’s there regardless of whether you’re playing Amell or Surana. Alim might have decided that it’s representative of his disconnection from his heritage or something Freudian like that, but personally, I’m wondering if it’s Dalish at all or a relic from Elvhenan. (Though ancient elvhen tents were probably much fancier, I guess.)

3. Fuck Bioware and their foreshadowing, honestly:

Spirit wolves for crying out loud you assholes I always wondered what relevance they had to anything going on in that sequence at all

4. Speaking of the spirit wolves, “The real dangers of the Fade are preconceptions, careless trust... pride.” Well, Solas has two out of three going on, so well done there, Mr Fade expert, sir. (Alim has the third all to himself, bless his trusting little heart.)

4.5 Still speaking of the spirit wolves, there is a codex entry somewhere (which I now can’t find, go me) that suggests Pride demons are all involved in some massive conspiracy of their own making. So, uh. Considering Solas, and considering the random appearances of spirit wolves here... I’m concerned.

5. I love the way Mouse just talks himself into a corner if you don’t call him out, and ultimately has to give up because he’s screwed himself over. No, there’s no meta point here: I just really like it. His own pride ends up his undoing.

6. This is the best place in all three games to get a good clear view of the Black City:

Things which intrigue me, but may or may not be relevant:

  1. It has buildings on both the top and the bottom, and the bottom ones seem to be upside-down (see the Crossroads? If it’s elvhen-built, this would make sense);
  2. It’s a very odd shape. Kinda reminds me of a dragon, though that’s probably just a faces-in-the-clouds thing.
  3. That one really tall tower which shall henceforth be known as ‘Elgar’nan’s Phallus’ because I just have a Feeling about the overcompensatory nature of it, okay

7. Speaking of things you can see from the Fade in the mage origin:

Hello sun hello trees hello sky sa alim who is a weedy wet chiz chiz chiz

(Part 2)


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